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Ventilation calculation according to SIA-Standard 196  Info Step 
Not logged in as a member. Only a limited ventilation calculation possible.
Duct length and tunnel cross section can not be changed.
Input of project title  
Title 1 
Title 2 
Input of parameters Values Remarks
Duct length  m
Tunnel cross section 
Info min. air velocity  m/s
Altitude  m a.s.l.
Average air temperature  °C
Info Friction factor lambda 
Info Leakage factor f*  mm²/m²
Info Delivery pressure at duct end  Pa
Info Loss factor zeta 
Info Fan efficiency  %
Info Max. pressure  Pa
Production days  days
Price of electric power  Euro/kWh
Input air quantity Qo
Variant 1: Required air quantity
Qo  m³/s
Variant 2: According to diesel engine emissions
  - Large machinery for excavation and loading
without particulate filters  kW
with particulate filters  kW
  - Large machinery for transport and concreting
without particulate filters  kW
with particulate filters  kW
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